Quality Policy of our company within Integrated Management System is resulting directly from our mission and is concentrated on:


• development and constant improvement of efficiency of Integrated Management System

• delivery and sale of highest quality products confirmed by fulfillment of requirements of

actual standards and law regulations or other requirements

• continuation of activities in the field of decreasing a detrimental influence of the company on natural environment and analizing the reasons and consequences of such influence.

• buiding a positive picture of the company as a reliable, proecological business partner

• secure the clients feeling of safety and assistance in resolving their problems

• professional preparation of our personnel for customer service and elimination of detrimental influence of the company on environment

• identifying with company activities concerning natural environments

• analizying new needs of clients and fast reaction on these

• selection a environmental aspects having substantial influence on changes in environment

• proper treatment a wastes and their suitable storing

• proper secure of after sale service

• fast and analytical taking of decisions

• building ties and feelings of responsibilities of the staff for the company

• building a ways of development of our staff

• motivation of the staff aimed at sale increase and company development

• cooperation with our reliable suppliers

• widening a scope of our offer